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PAAB Views January 2017

Be at the top of our game:


Starting now

As part of PAAB’s commitment to helping improve your knowledge of PAAB and the PAAB code we have created an interactive virtual game. FACILICA is a gamified training platform that will help you learn the PAAB Code through games that take only minutes a day to complete.

Over a two-week period, the interactive game will teach and test your knowledge on various aspects of the PAAB code and guidance.

Sign up today at, to find this interactive game will:

  • Benchmark your skills against other individuals
  • Improve your PAAB knowledge: The game uses psychological principles designed to create long term knowledge retention
  • Be fun! It’s designed to be enjoyable and interactive

For more details contact

PAAB is working with 42 Comets to create the game.

eFiles Ticket and Tagging System

Ticket and Tagging Client Training Video

Guidance on eFiles Ticketing and Tagging

Dear PAAB Clients,

Yes, Ticket and Tagging is live and our clients are actively using this new eFiles innovation. This new digital advance will help the PAAB to continually improve the customer experience.  Please read on to find tips to completing a new ticket and an outline of the two types of instances in which you’ll want to create a ticket. 

Client Resources, Guidance on eFiles Ticket and Tagging and Ticket and Tagging Client Training Webinar, can be found on the eFiles Home Page.  These documents are also found on under the Resources and eFiles Submissions tab. 

Tips to completing a new ticket:
General Question vs. Efile call back request
  • Please ensure the correct option is selected as the turnaround time and internal process is different for each. General Question ticket requests are general in nature and do not relate to an eFile in review or previously approved.
 Efile Call Back Options
  • If you wish to arrange a specific time for a call with our Reviewer, please ensure you select "Arrange for a specific time via email". Otherwise select "anytime within the next business day"
 Place call details in the details field
  • At ticket generation, please include:
    • the call back telephone number or conference call details to reach participants
    • points to be discussed and any additional information needed to set up and complete the call
    • By ensuring all call details are in the ticket at the time it is generated, a meeting invite is no longer necessary.
  1. Create a ticket in order to tag issues you’ve encountered during the preclearance process.  Tags are simply intended to create a record of issues for periodic review by the PAAB management team.  Tags are NOT a communication tool for resolving issues during the live review of the file.  In fact, the eFiles platform does not show client tags to the reviewers.  Continue to utilize written and verbal correspondences to move files forward and to obtain clarification respectively. 
  1. Create a ticket in order to submit requests for calls with reviewers (whether file specific or general questions).  Moving forward, we ask that our clients submit requests for calls with reviewers through the ticketing system on the eFile system or the "General Questions for reviewers" link accessible throughout our website (  For general questions please briefly describe the question in the details box.  For calls relating to a particular file, please identify the comment numbers for discussion during the call in the details box.  Please note that calls will be recorded for quality assurance, training and auditing purposes.  Also note that the ticket may be accessed by the client after the call in order to tag issues encountered during that call.  This would help ensure that this particular call is reviewed by a PAAB manager when considering opportunities for training and improvement.  Although tickets relating to call requests are visible to reviewers, the tags placed on these tickets to inform management of issues encountered during the call are not visible to the reviewer.  
For more information, please visit our website, or Efiles Home page, to view our client training video and Ticket and Tagging Guidance document. 
 If you have questions regarding this new innovation, please email the PAAB office at
Best Regards,
Ray Chepesiuk
PAAB Commissioner


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