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Become A Compliant Leader in Multi-Channel Marketing & Communications

From Artificial Intelligence to applying Real World Evidence, 16 speakers will deliver the 2018 PAAB workshop to help you innovate compliantly in healthcare marketing and communications.

New for 2018:
2017-18 complaints & advice: Case studies from Health Canada and PAAB on public non-compliant communication materials and campaigns.
Real World Evidence: Discover what types of data can be used as evidence for your product’s claims with PAAB.
Digital marketing & communication masterclass: From AI and chatbots to deploying social media campaigns for disease awareness, turn digital innovation into an opportunity, and not a challenge.
PAAB Clinic: Collaboratively build several traditional and digital Advertising/Promotional Systems while tackling challenging issues provided from PAAB.

To learn more: www.paabtraining.com

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