Advisory: Formulary Inclusion Statements in Healthcare Product Advertising 2013/01/10

Formulary Inclusion Statements in Healthcare Product Advertising

To All Canadian Healthcare Product Advertisers:

Pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to inform prescribers that their products are listed in provincial or third-party payer formularies. This advisory is intended to encourage proper promotion of this information.

Following input from a provincial ministry in the form of a complaint versus a specific advertisement, the PAAB is adjusting its review of formulary claims. The revised review practice is in line with PAAB Code section 2.1 which states that advertising material must be accurate, complete and clear and designed to promote credibility and trust.

In cases where coverage is restricted, formulary claims should indicate that restrictions exist. An example of an acceptable claim is “Now covered on provincial formulary (special authorization)”.

Should the advertiser wish to present details relating to coverage, such as formulary codes or eligibility criteria, the presentation should be complete e.g. inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, definitions, notes, etc. where applicable.



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