PAAB Forum Quarterly Review January - March 2022

A review of the last quarter on the PAAB Forum: January - March 2022


  • The Accelerated Review Options (AROs) launch is fast approaching. In the coming weeks please keep your eyes open for:
    • Updated Guidance on Submissions Document to include ARO submissions
    • Bite size videos to cover the high-level aspects of ARO
    • Fee calculator
  • Reminder to those looking to register for the Forum, to use a professional email for security purposes. You can select to have your email hidden on your profile page.


    New Documents

  • Guidance Regarding Duration of Clinical Trials Used as Reference Support in Advertising
    • In this document we go over the update to review practice in response to our global benchmarking initiative. Starting April 18th PAAB will be accepting pieces with references that meet outline in this guidance. If you have any questions, please post them to the Forum
  • Advisory on Small Space Ads
    • This advisory helps to clarify the requirements for accuracy, clarity and completeness of claims and support within small space ads. You’ll find guidance on font size, dwell time, fair balance placement and more.



    31 Forum questions from industry answered on topics such as:

  • Unbranded linkages
  • Exempt messages
  • Banner Ads, small space ads and conference banners
  • Real patient cases
  • 3rd party videos, sponsorship, distribution
  • Pre-NOC vs off-label
  • Devices
  • Medical education programs
  • Google search ads


    Myths vs. Facts

Keep an eye out for new “Myths vs. Facts” coming later this year and make sure you’re familiar with the common ones posted now so that your company isn’t falling into the “Myths” trap. Check out PAAB Myths page today.

Let us know if there are any myths you want clarification on, or for PAAB to help dispel for the industry.


    eFiles Tag Report

  • The PAAB Tag Report 2021 presents a complete summary of all tags and actions taken as a result of tags for 2021. We look forward to your continued feedback moving into 2022. If you want more information on the tagging system, please see Client Tagging System Advisory.  


Is there more information you would like to know and see in the next quarterly update? Let us know on the forum.  

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