PAAB Forum Quarterly Review October - December 2022

A review of the last quarter on the PAAB Forum: July - September 2022


  • PAAB Fees as of April 3rd, 2023: As per the ARO Planner Features Detailer originally published in Nov of 2021 and the website fee schedule, the PAAB is adjusting fees annually to account for inflation. As of April 2023, the fees will be increased by 5%. These adjustments will impact all files submitted as of April 3rd. All fees are exclusive of HST.
  • ARO: We continue to update the ARO resource table with new documents to help with the adoption of ARO and new submission formats. Check back on this handy page from time to time.
  • Questions posed to PAAB about ARO will be posted publicly at PAAB Forum – Accelerated Review Options (ARO). Please refer to this page prior to reaching out with questions, and feel free to post your questions directly to this space.
  • PAAB Forum: We continue to have people registering with gmail or other accounts. Please be reminded that registration requires you to use a professional email for security purposes. All other registrations have been deleted.
  • Real World Evidence: The RWE Committee has kicked off and is moving along. The expert committee is putting final touches on a draft guidance document. We aim to start industry-wide consultation for feedback on the draft guidance document sometime in February.
  • Customer Experience Index: Your feedback is important to us. PAAB will be launching a customer experience survey to be sent at the completion of review of all eFiles to gauge the overall experience with PAAB. These metrics will be used as part of our performance assessments and continuous improvement efforts. Stay tuned for the launch.  


    New Documents

  • Helpful tips and clarifications for eFiles submissions
    • This document provides further elucidation of what qualifies for ARO submissions, time sensitive claims, iterative submissions, series submissions, minor updates and more, including a reminder that digital conferences qualify for ARO.
  • Article series covering the scope of the PAAB Code requirements, what qualifies as satisfying the PAAB Code standards, who the PAAB Code applies to and the evolution of ARO. See PAAB resources to stay up to date.
  • Early in Q4, PAAB announced its collaboration efforts with Health Canada for monitoring HCP advertising. Read more



    13 Forum questions from industry answered on topics such as:

  • Link to guidelines
  • Medical information sites
  • Conferences
  • Email templates
  • Consumer page disclaimer
  • Patient recruitment
  • FYIs – updates to price
  • Fair balance in videos


    Myths vs. Facts

Keep an eye out for new “Myths vs. Facts” coming later this year and make sure you’re familiar with the common ones posted now so that your company isn’t falling into the “Myths” trap. Check out PAAB Myths page today.

Let us know if there are any myths you want clarification on, or for PAAB to help dispel for the industry.


    eFiles Tag Report

  • The third quarter PAAB Tag Report 2022 has been posted. We continue to encourage clients to use the tagging system to help PAAB identify areas of improvement and areas of valued service. As a reminder, the tickets are completely confidential. We look forward to your continued feedback moving into 2023. If you want more information on the tagging system, please see Client Tagging System Advisory.


Is there more information you would like to know and see in the next quarterly update? Let us know on the forum.  

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