Summary List of ARO and Submission Resources

ARO Q&A Session recording from May 18th can be found below. 

With the coming launch of ARO and the new submissions requirements across all submissions, we thought it would be helpful to have one list of resources. 

Resource Description
Submission Process and Features - Video Series 4 part series of short videos to prime you for what's to come
- What are AROs?  Overview of the new ARO and standard review pathways. Which APS will be considered during the initial pilot and what ARO features will be offered throughout the review process. We’ll provide ample warning as new APS types are added to the list of APS that are applicable to ARO.
- What's new? Learn about modular and iterative submissions, variable field options and other new features that you’ll benefit from in either the ARO or standard review pathways.
- Submission fees This video outlines some of the APS factors that influence the review fee
- Other resources This video highlights where you can turn for more information. We have created a plethora of tools to help you prepare for the launch of the ARO pilot
Complementing the Standard Preclearance Pathway with Accelerated Review Options (ARO) - Planned Features Document  Details on the features of ARO, how it can help reduce time to approval, APS types that will be included initially and new features that will be supported during the review process. 
Guidance on Submission Process and Format Requirements  A full breakdown of submission requirements across ARO and the standard pathway for reviews. While you’ll recognize some requirements, PAAB has elaborated on submission features that will help facilitate an efficient and timely review across all pieces.
Advisory: Increased specificity on series fee criteria This document outlines which types of submissions will be eligible for series fee. It will be applicable to all submissions (including those through the standard pathway). See how this will impact all submissions from minor updates and series files to new modular submissions, and iterative submissions. 
Submission Fee Calculator  Use our simple calculator to estimate the fee for your APS submission. Just follow the steps in the calculator, input your information as accurately as possible and the calculator will give you the estimated fee for your submission.
ARO Q&A Session - Recording This one hour video is a recording of the live ARO Q&A Session with PAAB from May 18th. Listen in on the questions asked by your peers in preparation of the launch of ARO and the new submission guidance in July.
Updated Fee Schedule The AROs and novel submission types have been added to the fee schedule.
e-Blast update for ARO and Submission Guidance e-Blast sent June 21,2022 to remind clients about the upcoming ARO pilot launch and implementation of the submission guidance.
Supplementary Guidance on Identifying Pickup Copy Additional rationale and direction on applying the submission formatting requirements as well as a document with examples showing various ways that "shading" of direct pickup can be applied.



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