New Reviewer Titles

In the coming weeks, you may notice some new titles in the signatures on your review letters. With the growth of our team, we have created opportunities for Reviewers to take on new roles and responsibilities within the Review Team at PAAB.

The most significant change is that we have created a new role within the ‘Reviewer’ umbrella. The role of Senior Reviewer will now be the title to recognize Reviewers who have an expanded scope of responsibility within the team at PAAB.

We are pleased to announce that the following Reviewers have accepted the role of Senior Reviewer:

Danielle Anthony

Lucia Kim

Maxine Armstrong

Malika Ladha

Vivien Fong

Jehan Lalani-Carbone


We are also pleased to announce that our previous team of Senior Reviewers will now hold the following titles:

Jennifer Carroll – Director of Communications    

Pauline Dong – Director of Policy

Yin Man – Director of Preclearance Services  

What impact does this have on your day-to-day experience with PAAB?

Very little, as the expanded roles relate to internal functions at PAAB. Our review teams for each brand will not be affected by these new roles and you will continue to see your primary Reviewers on your brands, regardless of title. Reviewers, Senior Reviewers and Directors will all continue to do reviews.

Escalations will continue to be managed by Yin Man, Director of Preclearance Services.


Thank you,

The PAAB Team



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