Renewals Management Dashboard

NEW Renewals Management Dashboard 

Introducing the new Renewals Management Dashboard! Both agencies and manufacturers can now track and complete renewals from within their respective eFiles logins.  

The Renewals Management dashboard will contain your upcoming renewals and help you track them as they approach their respective expiry dates Alongside the dashboard, we will be sending reminder emails to help you get started on the renewal process early. Our intention is to help ensure your submissions maintain their approval period seamlessly.  

To help ease the transition from the traditional way of submitting renewals to the new dashboard, you will continue to be able to renew via the ‘new submissions’ button until the end of Q1.

Why renew?  

Renewals are an important part of the preclearance landscape. While they may seem like simple reacceptances, there are many aspects of APSs that can change over the course of a year that may need updating to maintain compliance. 

Renewals are also important as they enable you to continue to link appropriate APS to one another. In our highly digitized environment, the ability to compliantly link to all of the APS you put time and effort into is an important reason to renew.  

Additionally, there is now an incentive to renew early. When eligible renewals are submitted ≥6 weeks prior to the expiry of the APS being renewed, the eFile will qualify for the Early Renewal Discount. The discount is 50% off the associated full fee for the eFile plus applicable taxes. Please see “Early Renewal Discount” below for more information.  

What is considered a renewal that qualifies for submission through the Renewals Management Dashboard? 

  • A submission that is 100% pickup from the previously accepted version. If there are any updates to the piece, beyond the exceptions listed below, it is NOT considered a renewal and should not be submitted within the Renewals Management Dashboard.  
  • Examples of exceptions include*: 
  • Deletions of content necessary for re-acceptance (e.g. removal of ‘new’ after first year of initial marketing).** 
  • Version code changes 
  • Trademark changes & corporate logo changes 
  • French language grammar correction that does not alter the claim 
  • Directly proportional resize of an APS that results in no layout/flow/content/functionality changes.  

*Please note that circumstances may vary by individual eFile 

In the attached PDF you will find additional details and visuals on: 

  • Renewals Management Dashboard
  • Reminder Emails
  • Early Renewal Discounts
  • Submission and Formatting Requirements 
  • Requirements for all Renewals
  • Renewal Contacts
  • Appendix A: How to use the Dashboard
  • Appendix B: FAQs

PAAB Renewals Doc 02.24.pdf



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