Logo Committee Call

Advisory Committee Name: PAAB Logo Advisory Panel

Purpose: The presence of the PAAB logo on Advertising/Promotional Systems (APS) is meant to signify that the materials have undergone a rigorous and independent review process. The healthcare product industry may benefit from improved healthcare professional and patient recognition that materials bearing the PAAB logo are trustworthy.

Role: This committee will investigate whether it would be appropriate and beneficial to adjust the PAAB logo in a manner which more clearly conveys it’s intended significance. If adjustments to the logo are deemed to be warranted, the group will determine which potential changes would optimally balance improved clarity with minimization of industry burden (e.g., spatial requirements, complexity, and so on). The group’s work will culminate in the creation of one or more proposed logo revisions. These will be presented to the PAAB Board of Directors for consideration by volunteers from the committee.

Composition: This group would ideally be comprised of six to twelve individuals. We hope to have representation from manufacturers, communication agencies, and healthcare professionals.


• Late February 2020: Participate in a 1-hour telephone or web meeting. Discuss what the logo represents (and what it should ideally convey). If adjustments to the logo are deemed to be warranted, the group will begin brainstorming changes that would improve clarity about what the logo represents. The group will consider the burden on the industry imposed by the proposed PAAB logo adjustments.

• Early March 2020: Participate in a 1-hour telephone or web meeting. Provide feedback on proposed changes that will be drafted based on committee discussions from the first meeting. Discuss any residual issues from the first meeting and any additional proposed adjustments.

• It is possible that a third 1-hour telephone or web meeting will be required to complete the committee work.

Committee members will exchange ideas/feedback between meetings in a dedicated and private section of the PAAB forum.

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