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Become A Compliant Leader in Multi-Channel Marketing & Communications
Montreal (Nov 20) and Toronto (Nov 22)
Become A Compliant Leader in Multi-Channel Marketing & Communications

From Artificial Intelligence to applying Real World Evidence, 16 speakers will deliver the 2018 PAAB workshop to help you innovate compliantly in healthcare marketing and communications.

New for 2018:
2017-18 complaints & advice: Case studies from Health Canada and PAAB on public non-compliant communication materials and campaigns.
Real World Evidence: Discover what types of data can be used as evidence for your product’s claims with PAAB.
Digital marketing & communication masterclass: From AI and chatbots to deploying social media campaigns for disease awareness, turn digital innovation into an opportunity, and not a challenge.
PAAB Clinic: Collaboratively build several traditional and digital Advertising/Promotional Systems while tackling challenging issues provided from PAAB.

To learn more: www.paabtraining.com

Company and/or Agency Sessions

PAAB staff will conduct learning sessions about the PAAB and the Code of Advertising Acceptance or Direct-to-Consumer advertising of Rx or biological health products on-site at your workplace. Sessions are usually 2 hours long and the content can be tailored to your team’s specific needs. Q&A about your confidential marketing situations can be discussed. There is a fee and travel expenses charge which can all be found at fee schedule.

Please contact us at 905-509-2275 or info@paab.ca for more information and to set up training.

Embrace Omni-Channel Marketing & Advertising Within The PAAB Code

Crowne Plaza
6600 Cote – de – Lisesse, Saint – Laurent,
QC, H4T 1E3, Canada

Full Price - $495

Group discounts (only applicable when booked at one time).
3+ attendees - 15% discount

Key learning objectives include:

  • Evolution: How the PAAB is evolving to meet the growing needs of customers. The types of materials & tools that the PAAB code applies to, linked to best practice tactics when creating PAAB submissions.
  • Context: How the context of audience, product, and medium impact the applicable advertising provision (with emphasis on digital).
  • Digital: How the PAAB code applies to digital channels including websites, banner advertising, SEO & SEM, social media, and apps.
  • Evidence: Ensure your materials illustrate fair balance to minimize approval delays.
  • Patient: From education to adherence, learn how the PAAB code can guide your patient activities to ensure complaint engagement.

For full event information visit: www.paabtraining.com

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