PAAB’s preclearance mechanism creates a level playing field by helping you comply with accepted regulatory, scientific, clinical, and ethical standards. We provide an independent and impartial set of eyes to help you detect regulatory issues while our service-centric approach guides you towards addressing them.

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We help you adhere to the PAAB Code of Advertising Acceptance. We also provide education and explanatory guidances.

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Commitment to quality and service

PAAB is focused on operational excellence and continuous improvement with the aim of helping you comply with the Code of Advertising Acceptance. We view every day as an opportunity to build on the prior by learning from experiences and feedback. Help us continue to drive forward by employing the tagging system on eFiles.

For an explanation of how to use this innovative and convenient tool, watch the video and and download the tagging guidance document.

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A level playing field

We have observed that different manufacturers have different approaches and processes when it comes to internal approval of advertising materials. This accentuates the importance of creating a level playing field with respect to drug advertising through consistent application of the PAAB Code of Advertising Acceptance. Our review processes and procedures support consistent application of the code.

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Moving forward with you

PAAB evolves with the marketplace. We work with the industry to modernize the code and our review practices in response to the changing marketplace and evolving media channels.

Email us at if you’d like to be considered for participation in future advisory and/or code committees.

PAAB Preclearance is Self-Regulation

Healthcare product manufacturers have representation on our board through membership in one of the trade organizations which have delegates on the board. Concerns about the Code of Advertising Acceptance can be raised to the board through your delegate.

It is important to note that the Board of Directors is balanced between industry and non-industry stakeholders. A PAAB code change requires a ⅔ majority vote on the PAAB Board of Directors, representing broad buy-in across stakeholders, and consultation with Health Canada.


Since 2007, the PAAB has used an electronic system called eFiles. All submissions, general questions, and opinions are submitted through this secure system. Communication agencies and manufactures can view the timelines of their individual files, request calls through the ticketing system, and tag files to support review efficiency.

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PAAB code app

The PAAB CODE App was designed based on industry research to enhance usability. It is currently under construction.

The PAAB Code  Letter from the Commissioner

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