Customer Experience Index (CEI)

What is the CEI?

The CEI is a short confidential survey that will be deployed at the completion of every e-File as a means of gathering your overall impressions on the specific file you just completed. The survey will be sent to the email of the contact identified in the “Send CEI To:” field of the Submission Form.

How was the CEI developed?

               The CEI was developed in consultation with a committee comprised of industry members from 15 agencies. Special thanks to the following committee members for their valuable time and input: 

Avery Campbell
Core Agency

Dannie Newman
Wellworth & Best

Maria Dilorio
Bmod Group

Kris Reiger

Autumn Gehring

Christine Scholes
Toc toc Communications

Nina Hemery

Chagali Toney

Tina McDowell
Syneos Health

Julie Wong

Fallon Mingo Hanley
GLG Communications


Why did we implement the CEI?

Along with the tagging system, these quality assurance tools make us accountable to you. The CEI complements the tagging system by providing an opportunity to give your big-picture feedback on a specific e-File. Capturing this data enables us to track the experiences of our clients, identify trends, and work towards continuous quality improvement in our standards and practices.

What are we doing with the results?

Internally, we use the results for process and service improvements. We identify trends in the survey results and use this information to help address challenges and reinforce and share best practices amongst our team. It also helps us identify areas for education, and training both internally with our team, and externally with our clients

Externally, aggregate averages for each question in the survey will be posted quarterly to our website within the Resources CEI and Tag section. We will also post any trends, as well as how we intend to address any challenges identified.

How can you make the most of the opportunity to make your voice heard?

The best way to help us help you is to be specific and detailed! In all instances where you are providing comments, please give us as much information as possible. The survey contains guidance on what type of information we are requesting based on the question you are answering. The more information we have, the greater our ability will be to drill down on the issue and develop an action plan to improve or proliferate best practices across the team.


Q: Will my reviewer see my feedback?

A: No. Not only will your identifying information never be shared with the reviewer, the survey results will only ever be shared with the reviewer in aggregate form.

For further reassurance, reviewers have anywhere from 30-50 primary brands that they review across many different agencies and manufacturers. They also have even more brands for which they are a backup reviewer. The aggregate data will account for every survey submitted for all of these brands. Furthermore, reviewers are not notified as CEIs are submitted. The aggregate data is only shared on a quarterly basis, which means it would not be possible to tie feedback to any one project, brand, agency, or manufacturer. Rest assured; your feedback is confidential.

Q: Who should fill out the CEI for a particular file?

A: The team member who was most closely involved with the file should respond to the survey in order to get the most meaningful insights. This could be a medical writer, a member of the account team or whoever had the most touchpoints with the review process throughout.

Q: Who should not fill out the CEI?

A: If your team uses a submissions coordinator who is not directly involved in the creation of the response letters or the APS, this person should not fill out the CEI as they may not be familiar with the specific details of each file

Q: How do I assign a contact to receive the CEI for a particular file?

A: Input the intended recipient’s contact information into the “Send CEI To:” field within the eFiles Submission form upon initial submission of your eFile.

Q: Do all submissions get a CEI upon completion?

A: Renewals and series children will not automatically be sent a CEI survey upon completion. If you wish to request a survey for one of these file types, please contact

Q: If I did not receive a CEI for my file, how do I request one?

A: Please reach out to and they can help ensure you receive an invitation for your survey.

Q: When I clicked the survey link in the email I received, I get an error message saying, ‘Invalid Survey Link”. Why is that happening?

A: You are receiving this message because the link has expired or the survey has already been completed. Links expire 2 weeks from the date they were originally sent. If you wish to have the link re-opened so that you can complete the survey, please contact .



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