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News: We have updated the “eFiles” tagging functionality

We have made substantial revisions to the eFiles tagging system. Clients can now tag a PAAB review letter or a PAAB phone call in seconds. These updates are already live on the eFile systems.

Why should the tagging system matter to PAAB clients?

One word. ACCOUNTABILITY. The tagging system makes us accountable to you. The client tagging system is one of the quality assurance tools PAAB employs to support continuous improvement in your preclearance journey. A high-quality review is clear, comprehensive, consistent, and timely. The tagging system enables clients to flag instances in which we fall short of these objectives for future internal and external audits. There is also the ability to tag instances in which we exceed your expectations.

How does one use the tagging system?

We have created two step-by-step instructional videos. One showing how to tag a review letter (Click Here), the other showing how to tag a phone call (Click Here).

Are reviewers able to see client tags?

Absolutely not. The tagging system is designed specifically so that reviewers cannot see client tags. In fact, there is no indication on any reviewer accessible screen that a client tag has been created. For your reassurance, the instructional videos mentioned above conclude with the reviewer view of a submission containing a client tag.

What triggered the need for improvements in the tagging system?

A report for all client tags created throughout 2018 is provided in the April 2019 PAAB Newsletter. That newsletter can be accessed by Clicking Here. Many of the tags could not be validated because the “Comments” field was left blank. We attributed this to the number of steps required for that field to become accessible to the client. Given the importance of the context generated by that field, we clearly needed to update the tagging system.

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