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The Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB) is an independent not-for-profit organization funded on a fee-for-service model. It is the only regulator whose preclearance service is recognized by Health Canada for advertising directed to healthcare professionals. PAAB works to protect Canadians by ensuring that healthcare product advertising meets the regulatory, scientific, therapeutic, and ethical standards outlined in the Code of Advertising Acceptance. All PAAB approved materials bear the PAAB logo.

All APS including DTC reviews

English or French

English and French





Additional APS within series with slight variations, submitted same day.



Chargeable for all reviews and advisories when:

i) APS is more than 10 pages or more than 15 references


ii) three or more resubmissions are required


iii) Written Opinion to Help Distinguish Between Advertising and Information (unless requested by PAAB)



a) Training meetings (plus travel expenses):


b) Meetings at the PAAB regarding: advertising concepts, advertising review files, distinguishing advertising versus information, pre-launch meetings, etc.


Fees are invoiced after the first review letter has been sent. Fees are for the cost of the review and not for the acceptance of the APS. Once a piece has an approval number, we consider the approval process to have been completed for the fee that was assessed. Any revisions after that will be treated as a new submission with a new file number and billed a full fee. A review of prescribing information at launch or when revised will be billed an "All APS" fee.

All APS review files which have not received any response for over 180-days will be closed and any revisions following the 180-day period will be assigned a new file number and subject to a new fee.

All APS review files that are not completed within a period of twelve months will be assigned a new file number and subject to a new fee.

Once an acceptance number is issued, the file is considered completed and further revisions to the APS would require a new file number and subject to a new fee.

Invoices are payable within 30 days; advertisers with outstanding balances may be required to clear their accounts before new reviews can begin. Our BN is 104174743.

Questions about fees should be directed to the PAAB office: 300-1305 Pickering Parkway, ON L1V 3P2.

Tel: (905) 509-2275

Send email to review@paab.ca.

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